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Rooth Canal Therapy & Tooth Colored Fillings in Cumming

Doctors Brian and Katherine Lee offer comfortable root canal therapy and tooth-colored fillings to restore decaying teeth. Modern root canal therapy is a simple procedure with a high success rate. Tooth-colored filling eliminate old-style metal fillings for beautiful durability.

Root canal therapy and the dental filling are familiar dental procedures. Advances in modern restorative dentistry gives these treatments for failing teeth a new reputation, and especially so when Brian Y. Lee, DDS, MADIA, FICOI and Katherine J. Lee DMD, MPH, MADA, FICOI perform them.

What is a “root canal?”

Root canal therapy is a dental procedure with a long history. Previously thought of as a last-ditch, agonizing and lengthy procedure, modern “root canals” treat injured, decayed and infected teeth, restoring them to full function for years to come. Also used prophylactically for teeth that are not sick but have had numerous procedures, root canal therapy is a comfortable treatment that takes about an hour with one follow-up appointment.

Here’s how a root canal works

The Cumming, Ga dentist drills a small hole in the tooth to access the one to 4 inner chambers or canals. These root canals contain the tooth’s blood supply, nerves and connective tissue--structures important when a tooth is developing, but not essential during the adult life of the tooth. Often, when a patient experiences a toothache, it is this interior pulp that is infected and causing discomfort and other symptoms of abscess such as swelling and difficulty chewing.

After drilling the hole, the dentist uses tiny metal files to clean out the infected pulp and debris from the canals. He or she flushes the chambers with water and may instill an antibiotic solution to quell the infection. Then, the canals are sealed with an elastic substance called gutta-percha. A temporary filling covers the tooth until the next dental appointment when a crown is placed to finish the restoration.

The entire root canal procedure takes about an hour and usually requires no more than local anesthesia. The tooth should be treated gently for a few days, and patient take over the counter ibuprofen or acetaminophen for discomfort. Ideally, the follow-up appointment finishes the procedure, and with diligent dental hygiene and exams, the restored tooth lasts for years.

Do fillings have to be dark & unattractive?

The answer to this question is a definite “no.” These days, dental fillings are tooth-colored, made of a composite resin that bonds beautifully with healthy tooth structure. The composite resin is an amazing combination of acrylic and porcelain, colored to match the tooth enamel perfectly. Biocompatible and mercury-free, these tooth-colored fillings take care of new decay or can replace old fillings already in the mouth. Either way, this restorative procedure is also a great cosmetic treatment.

Would you like to know more?

Don’t put off getting a bothersome tooth restored or a filling done because you remember past dental experiences which were less than satisfactory. The Dentistry at Windermere team encourages you to contact the office for a consultation on root canal therapy in Cumming, GA or on tooth-colored fillings.

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