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FAQs about Dentures and Partials

July 3, 2018

Filed under: General dentistry — windermereteam @ 9:47 pm

older woman at denture consultationOver the last several decades, there have been numerous advancements in dentistry to allow your natural teeth to be preserved for longer than ever before. Although these improvements have helped to lower the rate of tooth loss in the United States, the American College of Prosthodontics estimates that 120 million Americans have at least one missing tooth while another 36 million are suffering from complete tooth loss. To regain a beautiful smile, you can choose a convenient and affordable solution with dentures and partials. However, before you are ready to commit to them, you probably have plenty of questions. To make the right decision for your smile, here are the answers you need.

What Do I Do If I Am Missing Most of My Teeth but Not All of Them?

If you still have some remaining natural teeth that are healthy, you can regain a functional smile with a partial denture. This is a removable prosthetic device that can fill the space of one or more missing teeth. Your new teeth are attached to an acrylic base that covers a metal framework. It will then be held in place by clasping it to your natural teeth.

Now, new advancements have been made to create a natural-looking appearance. The base will be made to match your gum color while the prosthetic teeth will be customized to blend in with your smile.

How Long Does It Take to Make Dentures?

To start your journey to a complete smile, you can expect the process to require a couple of different appointments. If you need to have any teeth extracted, this will be performed prior to your initial fitting for dentures.

After your gums have healed from any extractions, impressions are taken to create your new smile. About 30 days later, you will return for your initial fitting. In some cases, you may need additional appointments if you require adjustments to be made, which may take a couple of months depending on the extent of the changes..

How Do I Care for My Dentures?

To promote the longevity of your new smile, it is best to care for your dentures properly each day:

  • Remove and rinse them after eating.
  • Clean your mouth after removing them.
  • Brush your dentures at least once a day.
  • Soak your dentures at night.
  • Rinse them before placing them back in your mouth.
  • Avoid any whitening, bleaching, or abrasive dental products.
  • Visit your dentist regularly.

What Can I Do about Loose-Fitting Dentures?

Over time, your dentures may begin to slip or cause irritation. If this occurs, you can try a different adhesive. If that does not solve the problem, schedule an appointment with your dentist to have the necessary adjustments made to restore a comfortable fit.

Complete Your Smile Today!

If you are suffering from tooth loss, your dentist can help you regain a complete, functional smile with dentures. Make an investment today!

About Dentistry at Windermere

Dentistry at Windermere is committed to providing high-quality solutions to help our patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles. We embrace the latest advancements in dentistry to improve your quality of life. If you are missing teeth, we have the solutions you need. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.


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