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4 Problems That Come from Ill-fitting Dentures

November 13, 2022

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Woman holding dentures in front of her face

When you first got your dentures made, you and your dentist both worked together to ensure that they fit you perfectly. However, as time goes on, a combination of bone loss and wear can cause your dentures not to fit as snugly as they might have before. Even the best prosthetic can come loose after a few years. They’ll need to be either modified or replaced; otherwise, a host of issues can start to crop up. To learn a few, keep reading!

Sore, Swollen Gums

Normally, dentures can stay secure in the mouth with only suction supporting them. However, ill-fitting dentures will start to slip around when talking or chewing. That movement causes the dentures to rub against the gums, irritating them. If your gums are sorer than usual when you remove your prosthetic each night, it might be time for a replacement.

Speech Problems

Our teeth are vitally important to how we speak and, even if we may not realize it, their shifting can alter our fundamental speech patterns. People with ill-fitting dentures can develop lisps that they may not have had previously. There’s also a chance of your prosthetic falling out, which can seriously affect your confidence in social situations.

Bite Problems

Keeping ill-fitting dentures in your mouth can pose a serious challenge, and you might have to hold your jaw unnaturally to make it work. Long-term, this can cause you to develop an over, under, or crossbite.


Occasionally, your brain might confuse one source of pain for another. If ill-fitting dentures are causing discomfort in your mouth or jaw, that could make you feel like you have a bit of a headache. If you’ve started experiencing that kind of pain recently, you can ask your dentist if your dentures could be to blame.

If you think that your dentures are a little bit looser than they used to be, you’re probably right–it’s a natural part of having them. Talking to your dentist about your issues and being proactive can make a massive difference in preventing these oral health issues.

About Our Practice

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